Home Staging


StageRight was established in 2008 by Mary Beth Masci and Emma Neville to assist New Hampshire home sellers in selling their homes as quickly as possible while maximizing value.  By using home staging, homes are presented in the best way possible to prospective home buyers.  We are a family business that focuses on staging your home with characteristics that will appeal to the broadest range of buyers. Our goal is to create a design that highlights the features if your home while giving an inviting and warm first impression. 

about us

Unlike other home stagers, we only stage homes that are vacant.  A vacant home or condominuim is often difficult to sell.  By leasing furnishings from us, and using our staging services, we can "dress"  an otherwise empty and sometimes uninviting space. 

StageRight has staged over 50 homes in New Hampshire since 2008.

We are affordable.  Staging does not have to break the bank!  It is an effective marketing tool that proven to be  is worth the small investment.



Make your condominium stand out from the rest!  A vacant condo can look cookie-cutter and should be staged to stand out from the rest.



We know how to design each room to maximize and compliment your living spaces to appeal to prospective buyers

Vacant home staging